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Date: 1st Dec 2016 @ 1:35pm

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Each week Orange Class will post a blog about what we have been doing, from PE to music, English to maths. Every week is different and I will pick a different child to write about what we have learnt. 

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Miss Wright wrote:

Week ending 27th January 2017.

We had a busy week this week becoming weather scientists. We created our own rain gauges and wind socks. We made a lot of mess in the classroom!
In English, we are working on Grandad's Island. It is our third week and we are only on page 6! However, we are enjoying the book.
In maths, we used our growth mindset attitude to pick a challenge. This week, we were introduced to the chili challenge! Wow, this was hard but some of us did really well.
We keep writing about the weather on our other class blog, so keep up the good work. I wonder what next week will bring?

Miss Wright wrote:

Week ending 10th February 2017.

So this week has been full of exciting learning! We are nearly at the end of Grandad's Island! The children have been writing sentences that have plurals in them and beginning to start adding the s or es! We also learnt about adding -ing to root words. Theo's sentence was I can see an orangutan swinging in a hammock. Chanice's sentences were fantastic, such as the parrots are flying around slowly. Riley suggested his own with the lemur is peeking behind the tree. Excellent work!
Maths we have been learning about counting in 10s and 5s. Some of us completed some mastery challenges!
All the children are working hard for our class assembly this Thursday and we hope as many orange class parents can come as possible.

A Parent wrote:

To Orange Class your assembly was amazing today well done to you all.

Mr Crofts

Miss Wright wrote:

We finished our term on a high! Orange Class finished recounting the story Grandad's Island. Their stories were fantastic!
We had a our class assembly and again another success!
In topic, we have been finding out about the term weather and climate. We looked at the continents and oceans that make up the world as well as identifying climate zones. We know that there is a polar, temperate, tropical, desert and Mediterranean climates and the UK has a temperate climate.
Well done class for a fantastic term! You have all worked hard and we have achieved lots! Keep up the good work Orange Class!

Chanice C wrote:

today when i got to school it was very sunny and later on it was very warm. I played on the field with my friends Katie,Cassie,Olivia,Lily,Millie,Sebe,Amber,

Miss Wright wrote:

Week ending 17th March 2017,

Wow! What a busy couple of weeks Orange Class has had! The most fun has come from our forest schools work and what a success it has been! The poor pixies had their homes destroyed by storm Doris and so we needed to build them new homes. The pixies sent a thank you letter back and asked them if we could design a picture of what they looked like. Then this week, we have been making our own stick men! It has been fabulous to see all the children enjoying themselves. However, we do need to work on our perseverance! More Tilly Tortoise and Sammy Spider is required.
The children are loving our work on Tom and the Tinful of Trouble. It is helping us to learn about time but how much trouble one boy, Tom, can get into with the red paint!

Miss Wright wrote:

Week ending 5th May 2017.

These past few weeks have been a busy time for the children in Orange Class. We have been exploring Jack and the Beanstalk, from creating our own giants in Forest School to using comparative and superlative adjectives in our writing. Do you know the difference?
In maths, we have been working hard. Our growth mindset challenges are proving a great hit and we are deepening our knowledge too!
Our topic this half term is based on traditional tales including making a selection of moving pictures and designing a story book on the computer.
Keep up the good work Orange Class!

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