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Mrs Lawton

Miss Watkins

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We are a mixed Year 5/6 class who are taught by Mrs Lawton and Miss Watkins, supported by Mrs Chadwick, Mrs Inskip and Mr Richards.

This is what we will be learning about in the Autumn term:

Maths: This term we will cover the following

Number—Place Value; Number—Addition and Subtraction; Number—Multiplication and Division; Statistics; and, Measurement—Perimeter, Area and Volume

English: We will develop our literacy skills across a range of  genres and text types through the use of the following texts

Classic Fiction: The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling, The Travel Book by Lonely Planet. I like this Poem by Kaye Webb. Short Poems by Steve Turner. Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T.S. Eliot.  The Works by Paul Cookson.

History: The Ancient Egyptians

This Ancient Egypt unit will teach the class in depth about the achievements of this ancient civilisation. They will learn about how and where the ancient Egyptians lived, what was important to the daily lives of ancient Egyptians, who Tutankhamun was and how mummies were made. The children will also learn about how Egyptian people used hieroglyphs to communicate and compare the powers of different gods .

Geography: Enough for Everyone

In Enough for Everyone, children will think about the needs of a settlement, and the needs of the planet as a whole. They will find out where resource such as power and food come from, and look at ways in which natural resources can be conserved. After discussing the idea of a carbon footprint, children will have the chance to consider how their actions impact on others around the world, and to think about the changes that they could make to try to ensure that natural resources are shared so there is enough for everyone.

Art: Wildlife Birds

This unit will teach the children about how to use pencil, white pencil, print, make clay tiles and model to create quality art work that shows progression in skills. The children will have the opportunity to explore the work of the sculptor, Brancusi, and the paper designer, Richard Sweeney.

DT: Automata Animals

Children will learn about controlling movement with a cam mechanism as part of an automata animal. They develop their designing skills through using information sources to research ideas about animals which are then incorporated into the design criteria and designs. They make a simple cam mechanism to formulate an understanding of how different shaped cams can be used to produce different movements.

Computing:3D Modelling

The children will extend their drawing skills to create 3D models based on using the ‘Sketch Up’ software. They will learn how to create simple and complex 3D models then add detail and manipulate their models using a variety of tools.

Computing:Controlling Devices

This unit introduces children to flowcharts and how they are used to program and control devices. The children will be taught to build sequences of instructions, control multiple outputs and structure algorithms with decisions and inputs.

Science: Scientists and Inventors

The children will learn about famous scientists and inventors: the life and work of David Attenborough; CSI technicians and the techniques they use to analyse evidence; Margaret Hamilton and her invention of the software and computer code that was used to take Apollo 11 to the moon; Leonardo da Vinci and many more.

Science: Properties and Changes of Materials

The class will learn about different materials, their uses and their properties, as well as dissolving, separating mixtures and irreversible changes. The children will sort and classify objects according to their properties, explore the properties of materials to find the most suitable material for different purposes. Furthermore , they will work scientifically to investigate thermal insulators and electrical conductors.

RE: Hinduism & Christianity

Our focus this term is on  the introduction of gods, scriptures, beliefs expressed in stories, beliefs expressed through symbols. Bible as a basis for faith and as a source of guidance. This will then be followed by a look at understanding God through Jesus’ life: Birth; parables; connection with Christmas. Old Testament - Prophecies about Jesus.

Music: Songs

The children will learn to sing and play instruments to Bon Jovi’s ‘Living on a Prayer’ and various Jazz tunes: Three Note Bossa and The Five Note Swing.


This will usually be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Presentation expectations are the same as those for classwork. At times, homework may be set on the learning platform or small projects will be given that will last over a longer period of time. Please remember to access Times Tables Rockstars and Bug Club on a regular basis.


Indoor sessions will take place on a Monday and will include dance and gymnastics. The children will need to wear their school PE kit: navy shorts and light blue t-shirt.  Outdoor games lessons, which include invasion games and target games, will be delivered on a Tuesday, depending upon weekly weather conditions.  It is important that in addition to school PE kit, the children have pumps or trainers and a track suit in school AT ALL TIMES so that they are prepared for an  outdoor lesson.

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