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Mr Robinson

Welcome to Green Class

Dear Parents, A very warm Happy New Year to you all, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas break. Firstly, Mrs Chadwick and I would like to thank you all for the very generous gifts which we have received.

A few dates for your diary. Class photographs are on the 23rd January. On Thursday 13th February it is Green Class assembly where you will be more than welcome to come and find out about some of things we have learnt in Green Class.

I love all the extra work the children have been doing at home and bringing it in to school, please keep it up. Feel free to continue emailing me your PowerPoints. We have dedicated two display areas to show off the amazing work. Your child is welcome to bring in any work, books, artifacts related to any of the areas we are studying this term and show them to the class. To continue to really help your child to succeed in KS2, please could you read regularly with your child at home and write it in their homework diary. If you have any questions or want help, you’ll be more than welcome to pop in for a chat.  

Richard Robinson (


Maths: This term we will cover the following

We still have a huge emphasis on learning the times tables so please encourage your child to go on Times tables Rockstars daily. Please click on the link below to access the Times Tables Rockstars website.

We will also be focusing on multiplication and division, using money, applying statistics (pictograms, bar charts and tables), measuring, comparing and adding and subtracting lengths. This unit will include perimeter. We will be applying all that we have learnt to try and answer real life problems.

Literacy: We will develop our literacy skills across a range of  genres and text types through the use of the following texts

We will studying classic fiction using the text Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.

If you would like to hear the story read to you. Please click on the books in order.


Chapter 1 to 5

Chapter 5 to 10

Chapter 10 to 18


We will be focus on characters, settings and plot. We aim to join up handwriting, use paragraphs and use full stops and capital letters consistently.

Everyday, we have a guided reading session based around our Totally Pawsome reading scheme. You can really help your child by reading 5 times a week and asking questions about the text. Ask the why and how questions.

In grammar, we will be relative pronouns and possessive pronouns, determiners, conjunctions, sentence types (question, command and exclamations) and past and present tense. In spellings, we will be looking at apostrophes for possession and omission and learning prefixes and suffixes. 

Topic: The Railways

We will be learning about the development of our railways, significant and famous locomotives and  how railways have shaped Crewe and the surrounding areas.

Geography: Land Use

The children will be learning places around them, patterns in land use, map making and different types of agricultural use. A great website to look at is Google Earth. Click on the link below.


ICT: Word Processing

We will be learning to change case, align text, bullet and numbering and learning advanced select and keyboard shortcuts.

Science: Scientists and Inventors

This science topic will encompass the children studying Marie Curie, George Washington Carver, fossil hunters to electromagnets.

RE: Christianity

We will be finding out about how Christians view God as the creator. Look below for two video clips linked to our RE topic.

Music: Glockenspiel

The children will playing will be using a glockenspiel to play along to music.

DT: Mechanical Posters

The class will develop their understanding of levers.

Art: European Art

The children will explore European artist such as Michelangelo, Dali and Rembrandt.


This will usually be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Presentation expectations are the same as those for classwork.

PE: Dance and Hockey

Indoor sessions with Mr. Richards will take place on a Wednesday. As our delightful weather is changeable, please make sure they have a kit suitable for all weather conditions. Outdoor PE will be on Thursday.

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