Orange 2020 - 2021

Miss Bell

Orange Class is a year 3/4 class taught by Miss Bell, supported by Mrs Lister, Mrs Chadwick and Mr Richards.

Orange Class will be taught by Miss Bell and supported by Mrs Lister. Mrs Chadwick will teach French on a Friday afternoon and Mr Richards will teach an outdoor PE session on a Friday afternoon also.

What are we learning about in Spring Term?

Maths: For math sessions the children will be working in their year groups. Year 3 will work with Mr Robinson and Year 4 will be working with Miss Bell for these sessions. This term we will cover the following

English: We will develop our literacy skills by…

  • Using captivating mythical stories of selkies and mermaids, children use higher level reading skills and write their own sea myths. Set out and punctuate dialogue and use paragraphs.
  •  Reading  Wolves in the Walls (Gaiman) and Wolves (Gravett) for features of non-chronological reports. Use adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions of time/cause as well as producing reports. 

History: The Righteous Royalty:

We will be learning about William the Conqueror’s reign from 1066 onwards, how King John made himself very unpopular as monarch and why King Henry VIII married so many times. This unit also teaches who Queen Anne was, what Queen Victoria achieved during her reign and look at the role of the British monarchy today.

Geography: What its like to live in Manchester?

We will be learning about Manchester, the closest city and its surrounding areas. They will use maps, atlases and digital maps to explore the town and find out about what the land is used for and what there is to do in Manchester. Throughout the unit, children are encouraged to compare what they have learnt about Manchester with what they know about their own local area. Children will produce a written report comparing Manchester with where they live.

Art: Insects;

We will be learning how to use pencil, colour, mosaic design, puppet making and sculpture to create quality artwork that shows progression in their skills. The children will also have the opportunity to explore the work of a range of ‘Insect’ artists, in particular, Louise Bourgeois and Jennifer Angus.

DT: Juggling Balls

We will be making juggling balls. They will start by exploring and evaluating different juggling balls. Children are then given a design brief, asking them to design and make a circus-themed juggling ball. A hemming and overcast stitch will be introduced during this unit. Children will learn about decoration techniques; getting the chance to use tie-dye and fabric paints. Finally, when they have completed the making of their juggling ball, children will evaluate their product against design criteria.

Computing: Programing

We will be learning about how to create an algorithm to program a procedure. Lessons are designed to be used with online programs such as Turtle Logo/Logo Interpreter or MSWLogo. Children are reminded of the basic commands and how to repeat alongside a variable. The children are then shown how to program their own procedures, use colour and set the position of the turtle using coordinates. In the concluding lesson, they use the arc command to create patterns using different shapes and randomly selected colours, which they are encouraged to share with the rest of the class.

Computing: Scratch

We will be learning about how to use Scratch on a computer/tablet or Pyonkee with iPads. In this unit, the children write quizzes by combining questions. While specific skills in Scratch are taught, the unit aims to teach children the wider programming skills of solving problems, testing, debugging, improving and evaluating.

Science: States of matter:

We will be learning about states of matter, helping KS2 students to create quality scientific work that shows progression in skills. Children will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world around them with the lesson overviews included.

Science: Scientists and inventors:

We will be learning about scientists and inventors, helping KS2 students to create quality scientific work that shows progression in skills. Children will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world around them with the lesson overviews included.

RE: Christianity:

We will be learning about descriptions of God as Creator,  understanding God through natural world, caring for natural world – stewardship and working with Christian organisations; personal responsibility.

We will also be learning about:  Lent, Holy Week, Easter, belief in life after death and Pentecost

Music: The Dragon Song

The children will be performing ‘The Dragon Song’ together in small groups. They will be able to develop their musical ability by learning how to warm up, respond to music and add percussion to a performance .


Homework will be set on a Friday and will be collected on a Wednesday. There is an expectation that children will also read a banded book with an adult at home most nights. As well as homework there is also Bug Club and TT Rockstars which children are expected to access every week at home.


Indoor sessions will take place on a Friday and will include dance and gymnastics. The children will need to wear their school PE kit: navy shorts and light blue t-shirt

Outdoor games lessons, which include invasion games and target games, will be delivered on a Wednesday, depending upon weekly weather conditions.  It is important that in addition to school PE kit, the children have pumps or trainers and a track suit in school AT ALL TIMES so that they are prepared for an  outdoor lesson.



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You can find out more about our learning by taking a look at our Parent Information Leaflet which you will find in the Files to Download section.



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