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Orange Class is a year 4 class taught by Mrs Jackson and Mrs Buckley, supported by Mrs Chadwick, Mr Richards and Mrs Inskipp

What will Orange Class be learning in the Autumn Term?

Maths: This term we will cover; Place Value. We will round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000, count in 25s,compare, order and partition numbers and take a look at negative numbers. Children will be applying a mastery approach to their learning with a focus on mathematical reasoning and problem solving throughout.

English: We will develop our English skills across a range of genres and text types. This term, our learning will centre around a range of high quality texts; Leon and the Place Between, The Iron Man, The Heart and the Bottle and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Our focus will be on the ‘narrative’ -  dilemma, fantasy and suspense and we will incorporate some poetry, diary entries, recounts and dialogue writing as we go along.

Science: This science unit will involve us studying balanced diets, and nutrition. This will include us looking at animals which are herbivores, carnivore, omnivores and we’ll also find out what makes a healthy meal. We will look at the importance of exercise and see how we can measure performance, how our body is affected by exercise and use different ways to record our results to draw conclusions.

Topic: In the Autumn Term we will be learning about the Anglo -Saxons.  We are going to be taking a different approach to our topic in this term. We will be trialing ‘Mantle of the Expert’. Mantle of the Expert aims to catch the children’s imagination and, we hope, makes learning meaningful and more exciting. We will become a team of history researchers commissioned by the BBC to do the background research for a series of programmes called ‘The Really Interesting History of Britain’. Where our research takes us will depend on the interests of the children.

PE Indoors: Indoor sessions on a Wednesday afternoon will be gymnastics and dance.  These sessions will be delivered by Mr Richards. Outdoor sessions will be on Friday mornings. In the first half of the term, Orange Class will have Football skills sessions delivered by a qualified FA coach.


You can find out more about our learning by taking a look at our Parent Information Leaflet which you will find in the Files to Download section below.



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