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Orange Class is a year 4 class taught by Mrs Jackson and Mrs Buckley, supported by Mrs Chadwick, Mr Richards and Mrs Inskip

Orange Class will be taught by Mrs Jackson (Monday—Wednesday) and Mrs Buckley (Thursday and Friday) French is taught by Madame Jackson and Madame Chadwick on Wednesday afternoons. Mr Richards will teach an outdoor PE session on Wednesday afternoons throughout the term.

There are many dates for your diary this term: 24th May - School closes for half term, 20th June -Sports Day,  24th June -Town Sports Field Events, 25th June - Orange and Green Class Performances, 26th June –Town Sports Track Events, 3rd-5th July Year 4 Residential trip to Nantglyn.

As always, a busy term lies ahead!


What will Orange Class be learning in the Summer Term?


Maths: This term we will cover;

Decimals writing decimals, making a whole, comparing decimals, ordering and rounding decimals, halves and quarters.

Money Pounds and pence, pounds, tenths and hundredths, ordering and rounding money, problem solving.

Time units of time, converting times.

Statistics Line graphs, charts and tables.

Geometry - angles and 2D shapes Identifying, ordering and comparing angles, classifying triangles, irregular and regular shapes, lines of symmetry inside and outside a shape, classifying and comparing quadrilaterals.

Geometry - position and direction Drawing on a grid and describing movement on a grid.

Children will be applying a mastery approach to their learning with a focus on mathematical reasoning and problem solving throughout.


English: We will develop our English skills across a range of genres and text types. This term, our learning will centre around a range of high quality texts;

Johnathon Swift’s Gulliver – Martin Jenkins Adventure stories based on explorations of new lands, persuasive passages.

Tar Beach – Faith Ringgold Play scripts, character descriptions, book review, dialogue, retelling.

The Match box Diary – Paul Fleischman  Dialogue, diary entry, retelling (oral dictation), mini-autobiography, ship’s log, non-chronological report writing.

Varmits – Helen Ward Explanation text, retellings, setting description.

We also aim to squeeze in some opportunities for Performance Poetry.


Topic: In the Summer Term we will be learning about World War 1.

The focus of our learning will be to introduce World War One, to explore the effect of those ‘left’ at home, to know what memorials are and how/why we remember those from the past.

Inquiry Questions: Why was Chapel Street called the “Bravest Little Street’ In Britain? How did the war affect the people ‘left’ behind? How do we remember people from the past and is it important?


D&T: The children will plan, design and evaluate their own flying machines inspired by one of the texts read in the Spring Term; FArTHER.

Science: Habitats and Classification

RE: Judaism. We will; investigate what objects remind Jews of faith, read stories from the life of Moses and Tenakh, discover the life of Abraham and find out what it’s like living in accordance with Ten Commandments.

Music: The children will be very busy practising the songs for Orange and Green Class performances on Tuesday 25th July.

ICT: Word processing

PE Indoors: Indoor sessions on a Monday afternoon will be gymnastics. These sessions will be delivered a qualified coach from the Beth Tweddle School of Gymnastics.

Outdoor PE sessions will be on Wednesday afternoons in the first half of the term and will be delivered by Mr Richards. Athletics will be the focus of these sessions. Outdoor PE will continue to be taught by Mrs Buckley in the second half of the term on Thursdays or Fridays TBC.

Please ensure children have adequate, named kit in school at all times. PE kit: navy shorts and light blue t-shirt.  It is  important that in addition to school PE kit, the children have pumps or trainers and a track suit in school AT ALL TIMES so that they are prepared for an  outdoor lesson. For both lessons it is essential that children with pierced ears have either plasters to cover their earrings or earrings be taken out.


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You can find out more about our learning by taking a look at our Parent Information Leaflet which you will find in the Files to Download section below.



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