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Mrs Mckenzie

Miss Watkins

Welcome to Turquoise Class! 

We are a Year 1 class taught by Mrs McKenzie on Mondays through to Thursdays and by Miss Watkins on Fridays.

On Tuesday afternoons Mr Richards and Mrs Chadwick teach the class. In addition, Miss Grindley and Mrs Inskip will be involved in many of Turquoise class' activities.

We are looking forward to an exciting Summer Term!                                                                            



Our phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc.' are offering free daily phonics videos on their you-tube channel.

Gold and Turquoise have learnt set 1 and set 2 sounds already but these videos can be used as a refresher. The children can continue their learning of set 3 sounds or refresh themselves if their group has already learnt that sound. 

Hope you find this useful.


In Turquoise class we work hard to achieve the Secrets to Success. To achieve this we . . .

Try new things - If you never try, you’ll never know.
Work hard – Its not luck or looks that make you successful, its all about the effort. 
Concentrate – Learn to focus, tune out distractions and be mindful.
Push yourself – Fight your fears and learn to push past doubts.
Imagine – Have ideas and don’t be scared of being wrong.
Improve – Keep advancing, bit by bit. Success never comes in one giant step.
Understand others – Learn to listen, listen to learn about others.
Don’t give up – Sir Winston Churchill said ‘Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’

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At Weston, we follow a mastery approach to learning mathematics. We will be learning about multiplication, division, havles and quarters, position and direction, numbers to 100, time and money. 

We will be continuing our mini-maths work in a morning which strengthens our arithmetic skills. 


Our English this term will focus on following themes: 

Stories on a theme – Grandad’s Island                                                                                                                       Classic Poems – Traditional Poems.                                                                                                                     Traditional tales and Fables, including Cinderella and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.                                        Information Texts – Non-Fiction books on animals.

In addition to their English lessons, everyone will have a 20 minute phonics lesson following the Read Write Inc scheme of work.  

Science - Plants and Scientists & Inventors

The Plants unit will teach your class about the structure of plants and trees and what they need to grow well. Children will engage in a variety of activities including identifying common plants and trees in the garden and in the wild, sorting deciduous and evergreen leaves, and crafting labelled plant collage pictures. Children will plant their own bean in lesson 1 and observe it closely over the coming weeks by measuring and recording its growth.

The ‘Scientists and Inventors’ unit will teach your class about famous scientists and inventors linked to the Y1 science curriculum. Children will learn about the inventions of Lego and ear muffs, and will explore the materials used to make them. They will investigate other materials that keep us warm, carrying out simple tests. Children will find out about the work of animal scientists, such as vets and zoo keepers.  Children will have the opportunity to collect data when finding out about horticulturists and meteorologists. They will create bar charts of their favourite sensory plants, and make rain gauges to gather data on rainfall. 

 Miss Watkins will be teaching the Science on a Friday.

History - Great Explorers

The Great Explorers unit will teach your class about the experiences of Ibn Battuta, Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and Robert Falcon Scott. It asks the children to discuss the criteria for what makes a person significant and also consolidates their understanding of chronology by comparing the historical periods in which these great explorers lived. Range of learning activities such as: debates, role play, sorting and analysing, drawing and designing, as well as writing tasks, are used to encourage the children to fully understand the historical concepts taught in this unit.                                       

Geography - Wonderful World

This What a Wonderful World Lesson Pack will teach your class the about the location of countries, continents and oceans of the world in relation to the position of the United Kingdom and children’s own locality. Children will develop global awareness by looking in detail at the position of the seven continents and five oceans of the world, understanding that the world is spherical and creating their own journeys across the world. Children continue to build on their map skills using atlases, world maps and globes more widely, along with using aerial photographs to recognise human and physical features including landmarks.                                 

Art and Design - Portraits

The Portraits unit will teach your class about portraits, and use of different materials and techniques when making their own. The children will also have the opportunity to explore the work of Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol, and create artwork inspired by them.                                     

Design and Technology - Moving Pictures

The ‘Moving Traditional Tale Pictures’ unit gives children opportunities to develop their understanding of mechanisms. Children listen to and role play different Traditional Tales and then learn how sections of the stories can be made into a moving picture. Following instructions on how to make different types of mechanisms, such as levers, wheels and sliders, gives children experience and information to draw on when developing their own ideas. They sketch a design based on their ideas and then create their moving picture centred on the story of ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ Children evaluate their finished product.

Computing - Scratch Junior and Using & Applying

The first unit introduces children at Key Stage 1 to the principles of coding, using the age-appropriate ScratchJr software. The platform encourages basic understanding of algorithms and how to create precise instructions for visual working programs. It begins to develop a sense of creating, debugging and logical reasoning, which are required for further programming at KS2.

The second unit reinforces skills taught throughout the year. Children are given the opportunity to use their skills in a new context and apply them with the software they are familiar with, in order to reinforce their learning. The lessons focus primarily on the three units of Computer Skills, Word Processing and Painting.

Music - Charanga: 'Reflect, Rewind & Review' and French Songs

Turquoise Class will be following the scheme of work 'Reflect, Rewind and Review' from Charanga Music, as well as learning some songs in French. The Music lessons will be taught by Mrs Chadwick.

PE (Outdoor) - Athletics / Sport's Day and Orienteering

Mrs McKenzie will be supporting the children as they prepare for Sport's Day and then in the second half of the term the children will learn about Orienteering.

PE (Indoor) - Invictus Games and Dance

Mr Richards will teach Indoor P.E. sessions. The children will learn about the Invictus Games and have a go at some different sports. They will also explore various dance moves. They will work individually, in pairs, groups and will develop their understanding of dance terminology such as mirroring, improvisation, canon and unison. 

RE -  Christianity: Creation and Judaism: The Torah

The children will learn about some of the key features of the Christian Creation story. They will find out that the Bible teaches Christians to look after the world and gives responsibility to human beings for their environment.

In Summer B, the children will be able to identify that the Torah is a special book for Jews and that it contains stories and laws / rules in it so Jewish people know how God wants them to live their lives. They will be able to identify that Moses was given the Torah on Mount Sinai and to remember some of the 10 commandments and food laws.

Bug Club

Turquoise Class will be encouraged to read as many books using our interactive reading scheme. As an incentive the children will be awarded certificates for 25 Bronze, 50 Silver, 75 Gold and 100 Platinum books read. I wonder who will get there first this year? 







Our homework will be set weekly and will be a paper based task. At times our maths homework will use our online resource called MyMaths. Below is a link to the website. 






Supermovers. Is a BBC website that helps children learn their times tables in a fun and exciting way. Our focus this year is the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Click on the images to direct you to each website.

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