Turquoise 2019 - 2020

Mrs Mckenzie

Miss Watkins

Welcome to Turquoise Class! 

We are a Year 1 class taught by Mrs McKenzie on Mondays through to Thursdays and by Miss Watkins on Fridays.

On Tuesday afternoons Mr Richards and Mrs Chadwick teach the class. In addition, Miss Grindley and Mrs Inskip will be involved in many of Turquoise class' activities.

We are looking forward to an exciting Spring Term!                                                                             



Our phonics scheme 'Read Write Inc.' are offering free daily phonics videos on their you-tube channel.

Gold and Turquoise have learnt set 1 and set 2 sounds already but these videos can be used as a refresher. The children can continue their learning of set 3 sounds or refresh themselves if their group has already learnt that sound. 

Hope you find this useful.


In Turquoise class we work hard to achieve the Secrets to Success. To achieve this we . . .

Try new things - If you never try, you’ll never know.
Work hard – Its not luck or looks that make you successful, its all about the effort. 
Concentrate – Learn to focus, tune out distractions and be mindful.
Push yourself – Fight your fears and learn to push past doubts.
Imagine – Have ideas and don’t be scared of being wrong.
Improve – Keep advancing, bit by bit. Success never comes in one giant step.
Understand others – Learn to listen, listen to learn about others.
Don’t give up – Sir Winston Churchill said ‘Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.’

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At Weston, we follow a mastery approach to learning mathematics. We will be learning about 3D and 2D shapes, numbers to 20 and then 50, using the part-whole model, addition and subtraction, and introducing length, height, weight and volume. We will be continuing our mini-maths work in a morning which strengthens our arithmetic skills. 


Our English this term will focus on following themes: Fables, using the fable - 'The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse', the humorous poem books 'Oi Dog/ Oi Frog', Instructions and Explanations using the book -  'Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!' / 'Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!' And letters and postcards based on 'Here Comes Mr Postmouse'. In addition to their English lessons, everyone will have a 20 minute phonics lesson following the Read Write Inc scheme of work.  

Science - Seasonal Changes

Turquoise Class will be looking at seasonal changes this term. We will be exploring weather and how it can measured by creating our own weather stations. Turquoise Class will be exploring the different signs of each season through observation as well as collecting, recording and interpreting data. Due to the nature of this unit please send in wellington boots and waterproofs as we will be going out in all weathers. Miss Watkins will be teaching the Science on a Friday.

History - Toys

We will be exploring popular toys through the 21st century and the early 21st century. Turquoise class will be looking at their favourite toys as well as asking parents and grandparents about their favourite toys too.                                         

Geography - Our Country

Turquoise Class will be exploring the UK. They will look at the four countries and their capitals as well as comparing physical and human features. Turquoise Class will complete the unit by comparing London and Brasilia to investigate how these two capital cities are similar and different.                                               

Art - Colour Chaos

The children will be exploring six key abstract artists that use the mixing of colours in their artwork. The children will be working mainly with paint in this unit.                                         

Design and Technology - Sensational Salads

We will be designing and making our own sensational salad during this unit. The children will be using a range of kitchen equipment to prepare their salads as well as evaluating pre-made and their own salads.

Computing - Programming Toys and Painting

Turquoise Class will be introduced to the principles of programming. They will use Bee-Bots and start to plan a simple set of algorithms. The children will also learn how to debug simple algorithms and begin to predict how a program will be behave. In the Spring B, the children will learn the basic painting skills in a painting application on a computer or tablet device. Children will use a simple painting program to paint with different colours and brushes, create shapes, fill areas, undo and redo and add text.

Music - Big Bear Funk & Hey You!

Turquoise Class will be following the scheme of work Big Bear Funk and Hey You! from Charanga Music. The Music lessons will be taught by Mrs Chadwick.

PE (Outdoor) - Cricket

Mrs McKenzie will be working alongside specialist coaches to deliver outdoor PE this term. This term the children will begin to develop the necessary skills for cricket.

PE (Indoor) - Dance & Gymnastics

Mr Richards will teach Indoor P.E. sessions. The children will learn various dance moves. They will work individually, in pairs, groups and will develop their understanding of dance terminology such as mirroring, improvisation, canon and unison. In Gymnastics they will explore different pieces of equipment and  learn how to control their landing and take off.

RE Christianity - The Church, Easter & Religous Symbols

The children will be looking at the church as a place of worship and visiting All Saints, Weston as part of their learning. Our learning will then lead to exploring Easter and important symbols used in Christianity.

Bug Club

Turquoise Class will be encouraged to read as many books using our interactive reading scheme. As an incentive the children will be awarded certificates for 25 Bronze, 50 Silver, 75 Gold and 100 Platinum books read. I wonder who will get there first this year? 







Our homework will be set weekly and will be a paper based task. At times our maths homework will use our online resource called MyMaths. Below is a link to the website. 






Supermovers. Is a BBC website that helps children learn their times tables in a fun and exciting way. Our focus this year is the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Click on the images to direct you to each website.

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