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'Out of School Club'
First and foremost, Kids Aloud is a "non for profit" business, meaning that any profit we do make is used to provide quality arts, crafts, toys, provisions and activities for your child. All of the profits benefit the children directly.

We offer a happy, safe, stable and stimulating environment in which the children can develop to their full potential and parents/guardians can feel confident leaving their children in our care. Our ethos is to offer children freedom of choice in a structured setting. We also aim to support education and development and create confidence and good relationships between, staff, parents and children.

The child care that we provide adheres to the highest practice standards. We employ highly qualified and experienced staff who offer a friendly and safe service. 


Sam Davies - Finance Officer
Sandra Wallbanks - Manager -  Level 3 NVQ in Playwork.
Amy Lawless - Deputy Manager - Level 3 NVQ in Playwork

Mel Evans

Casual Staff
Dean Richards, Gill Shearer, Dawn Hulstone, Kirsty Edwards, Jackie Bedford.

Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff for any further information or requirements.

Breakfast and After School Club

Breakfast Club
Breakfast Club runs every morning (in the school hall) during the school term (excluding bank holidays). Our Breakfast Club is popular with parents/guardians who need to start their working day early. Kids Aloud opens at 7.30am and children arrive before 8.30am will be offered a light breakfast. The children have a choice of cereal, toast and a drink. At 8.30am we tidy away games and play circle/group games until 8.45am. At 8.45am our Key Stage 2 children go out to play on their playground to meet fellow peers. Key Stage 1 and Early Years children continue to play games until it's time for them to go to class where we escort them to the correct classrooms.

After School Club
Our After School Club runs every afternoon during the school term (excluding bank holidays). The children are collected from their classrooms by a member of staff who will mark them off on a register. They are then asked to line up down the Key Stage 1 corridor. Once everyone is present children and staff go the the designated Key Stage 2 classroom (at times we have the opportunity to use the school hall) where we will do a second register. From 3.30pm till 4.00pm we play group games involving all the children. At 4pm we ask the children to wash their hands in preparation for snack time. Once the children have had their snack the children have the opportunity to partake in a range of activities from regular pastimes, computers, arts and crafts, sports, board games, baking and these are just a few of the activities we offer! A quiet area is provided for those children who wish to make a start on their homework or relax and read a book. To encourage free choice, children have access to a range of age appropriate activities which are boxed with clear labels and at an appropriate height for children to access independently.

Holiday Club
Our Holiday Club is open during all school holidays, including INSET days but excludes bank holidays and we welcome children from all schools. The Holiday programme is planned in advance and early booking is recommended. This helps aid the club when planning activities, trips and appropriate levels of supervision. In addition to the usual activities that we offer the children we provide trips and visits to local amenities for example Funsters, Ten Pin Bowling, Westport Lake, Cinema, Potters Barn and the Candle Factory. Trips are always very popular and our children thoroughly enjoy these experiences and creating fond memories. On days when an outing is planned we encourage parents/guardians to bring their children in good time to ensure a smooth running of the day, it also allows us to spend as much time as possible at our destination. We do not offer refunds to any child who fails to turn up on the day but all outings are to be paid in full before the day in question.
The activities that we provide during the holidays are included in the price of attendance. However, we do have additional costs for entrance and transport costs for trips. Such costs will be clearly indicated on forthcoming Holiday booking forms.
Please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for any planned outings, specific activities and the predicted weather conditions especially sun tan lotion in the summer.
We provide breakfast of toast and a drink from 8am - 9am and a mid-morning snack at 10.30am. All children are required to bring a packed lunch and drink, when on trips please put lunches in a disposable bag. Drinks are freely available throughout the day.

For more information contact
07971 717046 (phone or text)

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