Reception 2020 Parents

Getting Ready for School 

It is nearly time to start school! Here are some things you can practise at home to help you get ready for school.

Self-Care and Independence

  • I can wash and dry my hands.
  • I can wipe my nose.
  • I can put on/fasten my coat and shoes.
  • I can use the toilet.
  • I am learning to dress/undress – this will help me change for PE.
  • I am happy to be away from my parents or carers. I know they will be back soon.

Playing with Others

  • I join in games and activities with other people.
  • I can share and take turns.

Speaking and Listening

  • I can talk about my ideas, needs and feelings.
  • I can ask a grown-up for help.
  • I can follow simple instructions.

Eating and Drinking

  • I can use a spoon, knife and fork.
  • I can open my lunch box as well as wrappers and packaging.
  • I can drink from a water bottle, carton or open cup.

Reading and Writing

  • I can recognise/read my name.
  • I can hold a pencil to draw.
  • I am learning to write my name.
  • I enjoy listening to stories and rhymes.


  • I can count a small number of items.
  • I like singing number rhymes or songs.
  • I am learning to say numbers to ten.
  • I can recognise some numbers.


We have also attached a folder full of actvities you may want to complete over the summer. We hope you enjoy and can't wait to meet you all soon. 

Mrs Armitt & Miss Watkins 

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