School Council

School Council 2017-18

school council are a group of students who are elected by their class peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school

Our representatives are:

Red – Bob and Pippa

Turquoise – Joshua and Brodie

Purple – Isaac and Sophie

Gold – Bailey and Olivia

White – Eliana and Luca

Green – Phoebe Clayton and Sam Palmer

Blue – Isobel, Tyler and Hollie-Mae

Aqua – Alfie and Olivia

Yellow – Tristen and Larissa

We meet school councillors from other schools in our cluster to discuss various topics and work on shared projects. 

Our recent meeting was at Shavington Primary and our main topics for discussion were,

A community based project

* To make things to see out of recyled materials.

* Making bird/ hedgehog houses for the community and the school grounds.

* Gardening within the community especially green areas.

* A litter pick and clean up in various areas of the community.

* A food bank, where we can set up stall for the homeless.

* Donating hats, gloves, scarves and blankets for the homeless.

* A book club.

We will cast a vote and go back to the other schools and complete some further work on one of the suggestions above.

Contact the School

Weston Primary School

East Avenue

Main Contact: Mr Thomas Cutts

Tel: 01270 685167