World Book Day 2016 Whole School Story

Once upon a time, there was a very big, steep hill. At the top there was a teeny tiny farm with lots of interesting animals. Around the farm there was a tall, spiky fence and the only way to get into the farm was through a hidden gate.

A strong man named Coco was strolling through the dark, scary woods, scanning to find the hidden gate. Coco was famous for wearing soft, blue trousers and a mouldy, yellow t-shirt. His brown hair was always messy and was never combed. His green eyes twinkled in the sunshine like emeralds. Suddenly he found the hidden gate, lifted it up like a feather and sneaked quietly through.

Once in through the gate Coco could smell a beautiful hot soup. He ran towards the smell because the smell was making him feel hungry.Then a huge black bull with razor sharp horns came charging towards him, quick as a flash Coco whipped out a red hankie from his pocket and waved it to his right and the huge bull went galloping past, phew! 

How desperate Coco was to taste that delicious spicy soup! It was steaming and bubbling in a huge, shiny pot, on a stove tin the farmhouse kitchen. Could he manage to get some without being spotted? Glancing around him, with his sparkly green eyes, Coco spied a winding path leading to the farmhouse door. Unfortunately, between him and the farmhouse door  he could see a whole collection of angry, restless farmyard animals. What was he going to do next?

One by one the animals began to circle Coco who, by now, was trembling with fear. Each step forward Coco took the animals replicated. They drew nearer and nearer, so close that Coco could feel their hot, steamy breath against his clammy skin. At that moment, a regal looking, red-eyed goat forced his way through the crowd, as Coco's heart beat faster. " I am the guardian of the soup," he exclaimed. "What business have you here?"

"Do you not recognise me?" Coco replied.

“You are vaguely familiar to me however something smells very, very fishy around here,” replied the red-eyed goat.

“That will be the salmon sandwiches I had for lunch. Why are protecting the soup?” questioned Coco.

“That is not for me to tell you. It is not your business,” explained the red-eyed goat.

Gradually, Coco backed away. He had a mind blowing, brain popping idea. He would retreat until night time when the animals would be asleep and sneak back and steal a bowlful of soup.

As he waited, he thought to himself, “Will my plan work?"

When darkness fell, and the sky was black as a sheet of velvet, Coco returned to the hidden gate once more, lifting it like a feather and creeping inside.  Coco saw the scorching hot, bubbly bath of delectable soup, steaming inside the white tiled kitchen. Beside the bubbling bath of soup, he saw the red eyed goat restlessly sleeping on his side. Cautiously, Coco crept past the red eyed goat and poured himself a bowl of scorching hot soup. Coco produced a small wooden spoon out of his pocket; carefully he took his first mouthful of the spicy, scrumptious soup.

However, Coco thought to himself, “Although this is a delicious soup, I still don’t understand why this is being protected because nothing has happened.”  Slowly he crept back out, making his way home, dragging his heels behind him.

Once home, Coco started to feel a tingling starting from his toes slowly building up towards his head. 

Suddenly, 'POOF!' Coco immediately started to mutate. At first the filthy, flea-ridden fur sprouted all over his muddy paws. The next minute, the shaggy fur began to spread towards his shivering shoulders. Just like that, his whole body was covered in tatty fur like a ferocious beast.  
How could he ever change back? 

Panicking periously, Coco felt like he was in another world. His head was spinning like a washing machine, black crows swivelled around his head and he felt desperate like the world was about to end. He knew he had to act before it was too late.

'What should I do?'

'Is this a dream or reality?'

'How will I turn back to my handsome self?'

'Why did I drink that strange but tasty soup?'

Coco stumbled backwards, hitting the hidden gate with force. All he could see were stars twinkking in his eye-line, then he fell dramatically into pitch black and a spotlight shone on the red-eyed goat. 

"Coco, Coco, Coco from your greediness you have turned into a goat and here's a riddle for you to solve." 

"When the sun sets you will have met your destiny so act before this happens."

"In a bowl where it stays it will never, ever, ever go away. The goat that guards it is your key. Solve my riddle and be free today."

With that Coco suddenly jumped up and quickly dashed to the farm house. Clambering inside the window he could see the bath of soup but he could smell nothing. Reaching inside he found one lonely crouton. Taking one swift bite, he felt the tingling return and realised he was back to his normal self or was he? 

With joy he ran outside and was about to celebrate when suddenly he caught a reflection of himself in the window...

"NOOOOO! I look like a fox!"

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