Nantglyn Blog 2018

Date: 21st Jun 2018 @ 10:38pm

Welcome to the Year 4 Nantglyn Blog 2018

Please check here for updates to the residential and feel free to make a comment. All comments from parents will be read out to the children. 

Remember all your suncream as it’s going to be a hot one.

I’m uploaded pictures and videos first. The WiFi is very slow so we’ll get there.

All messages have or will be read to the children shortly.

The bus journey to Conwy Castle and then to Nantglyn was filled with singing Dragons Day songs and an never ending rendition of the classic song, to irritate any bus driver, ‘The wheels on the bus.’ At lunchtime, we sat near to the castle walls as seagulls were patrolling the area, eager to find a child who moves more than an inch from their food. We were lucky but a child from another school was out stared by the seagull and fled. The seagull pinched the silver foil rather than the sandwiches, much to everyone’s amusement. 

What a brilliant week to choose to go to Nantglyn. The weather is perfect. Thankfully, the main field we use has so many mature trees which provide ample shade. We played the disc game where Oliver D, Isabel E, Mai, Amy, Oliver L, Mason, Aaron, Tyler and Charlie W won by a single point. 

Afterwards, the children had drinks, topped up suncream and unpack bags. We gave the children some free time to explore the grounds however a group of boys only wanted to explore the football pitch and a game ensued. 

A meal of fish fingers was devoured by everyone. Elmie surprised her table by saying, “I don’t like chips,” The rest of the table proved that the did and wolfed them down. 

Later, after being refreshed, the children went off to write postcards and then into Nantglyn to post them. We heard that Germany are out of the World Cup. A mixture of shock that England have progressed further and jubilation that it’s not just England who mess up.

A story has been and read and the children were all asleep by 9pm...

Actually, they’re doing drifting off so hopefully decent sleep will be achieved but only the morning will tell. 

The word ‘hopefully’ was an ambitious word. It’s amazing how most of the children tell you that it’s a battle for the parents to wake them up in the morning at home, are washed and ready to go by 6am. One child has announced to us that they have had two showers already and had to persuade them that a third is possibly too much.

Breakfast is being eaten and all messages have been read out to the children. Callum L commented, “It’s the best breakfast I ever had and I’ve even had milk on my cereal!”

What a busy day we’ve all had. First thing this morning, we competed in teams to complete the orienteering course with the fastest time. The children had to read a map, orientate themselves over the two mile course. Some children really stood out as great leaders. Charlie, Thomas, Benji and Jaiden really impressed. The winning team who finished with an impressive 30 minutes, 17 minutes ahead of second place were, Ruby, Elmie, Benji, Toby, Jaiden, Thomas, Mia, Ellie and Emilia.

After a drinks break, suncream top up and a rest in the shade we had lunch. This was a choice of sandwich, either salami, cheese or tuna mayonnaise. Following this was a packet of crisps, a Kit-Kat, squash and a piece of fruit.

Splitting ourselves into five groups, we went off to try an activity. The activities included rope swing, dam building, bridge building, shelter building or cooking waffles over an open fire. The teams were scored by how well they worked as a team. There were some real noticeable achievements which need a mention. Oliver L had a real fear of the rope swing, however he went on it four times and by the end had conquered some of his fears. Mai refused to give in and was determined to complete the rope swing unaided. “Can I just one more go Mr. Robinson,” was all I heard. Well done Mai, we love your resilience. I’m sure your child will update with you when they are back on how they got on.

The children had about an hour of free time before we demolished pizza, pasta, veg, followed by chocolate cake and cream. Apologies but I was so busy eating it, I forgot to take pictures to put on here.

Dinner digested, it was back on the field to play the water game. It’s a little like tag but involves lots of water. We had three spies who were trying to stop them. These were Millie-May, Tyler and Emily. When I get a chance to upload the photo of them you will see by their faces the amount of effort they put in. The winning team was Caleb, Matthew, James, Mason, Amy, Thomas, Callum L and Aban. They successfully took more water to the other side of the pitch, without being intercepted by the spies than any other team.

A special mention goes to Thomas who ended being on the winning team in three out of the four events! What a star!

The evening finished off with Roisin performing her story and poetry to the year 4s and roasting marshmallows over a small fire whilst the rest of the group sang songs around a larger fire.

It’s bedtime now and the children look shattered. We’re hoping for an quieter night. 

All messages have been read out to the children. We’ve enjoyed hearing about how pets and little brothers and sisters have missed them. The fear of there parents ruining Fortnite or tidying away their Lego and all their special names their parents call them. Lots of them are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Lastly, I’ve only manage to upload around 20% off the photos and videos. We have the internet in on room but as we are in the middle of nowhere the internet speed is dreadfully slow. Please keep checking the site tomorrow and over the weekend as I will endeavour to upload everything.

A much better sleep has had by all, all children have showered over the two days and we are now settling into breakfast of sweet waffles, cereal and toast. All messages have been read out and appreciated by.

We will be leaving Nantglyn at 1pm. If the traffic is good, we should be back at school for 3pm. I will update this blog when we are passing Snugburys Ice Creams.

We’re just passing Snugburys at 2:39, see you all shortly.






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A Parent wrote:

Hello Mason, hope your enjoying your first day im sure you are. Have lots of fun don't forget your sun cream Mr !!! Its going to be very quiet without you, lots and lots of love mum and dad oh and stitch 🐶 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hope you have had a good journey & you are enjoying yourself, love you loads Amy love Mum & Dad Xx💗

A Parent wrote:

Hi Charley,

Glad you've arrived safely at Nantglyn. Hope you're enjoying yourself and not missing Will too much.

Lots of love,

Mum and Dad (and Will)

A Parent wrote:

Hi Mai, we hope you’re having a fabulous time with your friends. Sleep well tonight because you’ll need lots of energy tomorrow. We love you-Love from Mummy, Dave, Molly & Lucky xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Isabel, I hope you and all your friends are having a brilliant time at Nantglyn! We’re all missing you lots, the house is far too quiet without you 😂😂 With all our love from Mum, Dad and Isaac xxxx

A Parent wrote:

Looks like you’ve all had a fab day at Conwy Castle - Keira put your hat on your head 🤣! Mia watch your sister 🤣🤣! Don’t forget the sun cream and lots of water ! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Kenny (who is currently pacing around trying to find you both) xx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Iz (E),
Hope you're having a brilliant time and enjoying yourself. It's very quiet here without you! Have fun but try and get some sleep tonight!
Love you loads, Mum & Dad xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ruby, hope you are enjoying yourself and having a great day - its a bit quiet without you here ! :-). Sky says woof and passes on a lick ! eerrrr. Save us a marshmallow ....
Lots of Love Mum,Dad and Cole xxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Amelia,hope you are enjoying yourself,we are missing you already,big hugs,love mum dad and

A Parent wrote:

Hey logie! The house is super quiet without you. 🤐. We miss you already but hope you are having a fantastic time. Can’t wait to see all the photos and hear all about your adventures when you come back. Love mum, dad and Boo. And Molly. 🐶🐾 xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ollie & Ellie, great pictures! hope your all having a fab time?
Enjoy your first night and have fun.lots of love always from Mum, Dad & Bailey ❤️❤️Xxxxxxx 🐶

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ryan
Hope you’ve had a fantastic day at conwy castle and your lunch was yummy!!
Hope you’ve settled in nicely and your looking forward to all the exciting things your going to be doing 😁😁
Leo was a little sad to see you go and I know he will feel a little lost without you, (2 peas in a pod)
So I’ve given him a big responsibility he’s going to keep an eye on sonic for you which cheered him up!!
love you lots and lots big cuddles have loads of fun love mummy & daddy Leo & Larissa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
P.s don’t forget your sun cream 😘😘🤗🤗

A Parent wrote:

Hope you have a great first day James.
Have lots of fun and try everything.
Germany got knocked out, thought you'd like to know!
Mum and Dad and Sophie xx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Callum L
Hope you’re having a great time, loving the photos. Try everything and have fun.
Love mum, dad and sol

A Parent wrote:

Hi Benjy,

Looks like you're having a fab first day,

Yoyo Benjy dog, me and mumster are going to get on Fornite and trash your scores :D
Only joking, hope you're having a fantastic time, no midnight snacks or parties :) :)

Love Mummy, Daddy, bad boy Ol, little lotster & joey xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Callum w! Looks like lots of fun. Reecey is missing you lots, he was sad to go to bed on his own. Mummy and daddy missing you to feels very strange without you here! Hope you get a good night sleep ready for lots more fun tomro. Love you lots 😘

A Parent wrote:

Hi Tyler! We're missing you already but it looks as though you're all having a great time!
Don't worry, Jake hasn't destroyed your Lego.. yet 😈 Ruby's been going around looking for you and shouting you.
Have fun and remember your SPF!! 🌞
Lots of love, hugs and sloppy kisses, Mummy, Scott, Jake and Ruby xxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Emily,
Looks like you are having a fantastic time!! We are very jealous!! Dads fed the fish and Tom is enjoying the peace and quiet🤪. Hope you get a good sleep tonight you must be shattered after your early morning and busy day. Have a gr8 time!! Lots of love Mum, Dad and Thomas.😘

A Parent wrote:

Hi Charlie Luc,
Sorry for the late comments, you will likely receive this tomorrow (Thursday), We have only just returned from watching the town sports. Harvey ran well, as well as all the boys and girls from Weston School.
It looks like you are having a great time, as I thought you might, I hope it is what you expected (and more). Tomorrow looks like a great day filled full of fun activities, so enjoy the sunshine and make the most of it.
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
Love from Dad, Harvey (and Mum says hello from Tenerife xx).
P.S. Benjy's dad keeps beating me at Fork Knife on your X-box account;-)

A Parent wrote:

Hi Thomas,

Looks like you are having a very busy time!!! What beautiful weather you have had today! All that lovely blue sky. Was it scary in the castle?? Have a good nights sleep so that you have lots of energy to make the most of tomorrow. Lots of love and cuddles from Mummy , Daddy, Ada , Jess, Crumbles... oh and James xxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Emilia,
We’ve seen your photos and it looks a lovely place, hope your having a great time.
We missed you at town sports today !
Have a great day tomorrow, don’t forget to do your teeth and put suncream on. We love you moo, all our love Mum, dad, Ollie and joe xxxx

Miss Roberts wrote:

Hi Jaiden, hope your having an amazing time. Charlie is missing you and bored without you. Miss you and love you lots mum, dad and charlie. Xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Mason,hope you had a good nights sleep and ready for a fun packed day. Its lovely to see all pictures looks like your enjoying yourself.
Hope your applying your sun cream and keeping that hat on.
Mamma and Grandad send hugs and kisses. Lots and lots of love see you tomorrow mum and dad.
P.s stitch is missing you he keeps waiting at the door for you xx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Elmie,
We're loving seeing the photos of you all having so much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.
Twiggy is missing you, she took your slipper to bed with her last night.
Enjoy the rest of your trip.
Big squeezy hugs, lots of love Mummy, Daddy, Sam & Twiggy

A Parent wrote:

Hi Amy, loving seeing the pictures on the blog, you look like you are having so much fun. We are missing you loads but you will soon be home again so enjoy every minute. So proud of you , take care & don't forget to brush your hair. With loads & loads of hugs & kisses love Mum,dad, Tom, Jack & Millie Xxxxx💗

Oliver O'Connor O wrote:

Hi guys. It looks like you are having fun. Hope everyone is alright.

from Ollie O'C

A Parent wrote:

Hi Iz (E), hope you're having fun - looks like you're having a fantastic time! Miss you loads - it's very quiet without you here! Enjoy and make the most of every minute there. Can't wait to hear all of your stories. See you tomorrow. Lots of love, Mummy and Daddy xxxx

A Parent wrote:

CALEB- your mum can’t manage to comment this is a message for you:
It looks like your having a fantastic time with your friends we all miss you very much and love you can’t wait to see you tomorrow xx ps Lucas hasn’t played with your kick a ball x

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ellie & Oliver, I’m sorry but Ellie can be fussy with her chips!!. You certainly have been busy. Continue to enjoy your last night & day, I look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. Lots of love, hugs & squeezes to you both mum, dad & Bailey 😘😘🐶 xxxxxxxxxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Wow Logan! Looks like you’re having an awesome time! We are so proud of you. We can’t wait to have you back home so you can tell us all about it.
Oh, and I’ve tidied your room! And no, I haven’t touched any of your Lego!!
Love you mum, dad and boo. Xx

A Parent wrote:

Hello Mr Tobs!!

The house is weirdly quiet without you!

We hope you’re having a great time and Violet hopes you like the breakfasts!

We miss you and love you lots!!

Mum, Dad, Alice, Violet and Sid 🐶

Erin O'Connor E wrote:

Hey guys have fun oh and by the way well done in the forest and pushing the milk bottle around the trees .Seen what you've done so far have a safe journey back tomorrow I'm having fun in blue class we're designing our own island missing you lot from Erin. Have fun. See you tomorrow . Bye.

A Parent wrote:

Hi Aaron, hope you are having a great time and lots of fun. Missing you loads and can’t wait to hear all about it! Lots of love mum, dad, nanny sue and Alfie. p.s. the guitar goes nne nne nee, n n nne nne, n n nne nnnn nnnn ( deep purple smoke on the water riff) to be read by Mr R only lol :)

A Parent wrote:

Hi Isabel, looks like you're having such a great time exploring new things. We're all missing you loads and can't wait to hear all about your adventure when you get back. Granny and papa will be waiting to meet you from the Bus. All our love daddy, mummy and Isaac xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Benjy,

looks like you're having a brilliant time! Well done with the orienteering! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow so you can tell us all about it. Love you loads

Mummy,Daddy, still a bad boy Ol, Lottie & Joey xxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi cal cal it’s reecey, I’m missing you so much , Iv made a mini you out of playdough and bunchums Iv also made a climbing wall and you got to the top! Yay! See you later xxx

Megan Jackson M wrote:

Hi Little Dipper you’re so funny! I hope you had great time just like me
Love from MegXx😜

Phoebe Clayton P wrote:

Hi roisin, have a great last day, looking hearing about it, love phoebe

A Parent wrote:

Hey Callum L. Loving the pictures and videos. Looks like you're all having so much fun. Have a great last day. See you later. Mum, Dad and Sol

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ryan
Wow!! You look like your having sooo much fun and really giving everything a good go 🤗
The water game looked great fun
Also well done for being breakfast server the 1st day you had a good sized breakfast!! Rice crispies and sausage and beans 😁
Leo said he misses you lots he’s super excited to have you home later
Have a lovely last day and we will see you later big hugs

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