Plas Menai 2018

Date: 5th Mar 2018 @ 2:46pm

Monday 5th March

The day of our residential has finally arrived!  We left school at 10am with 35 children and luggage for 85! I'm sure some of the children had smaller brothers and sisters in those enormous cases! 

On arrival, we quickly took our bags to our luxurious rooms, then after a quick bite of lunch we were wet-suited and booted for our first activities. 

7.15  We are all well fed and watered. With so much choice, the children didn't know where to start - so the carbs took a hit! The rice, chips and potatoes were quickly demolished. The meatballs and pizza were also a popular choice. Despite many years of trying to get Mr Richards to eat vegetables, he still only stretched to baked beans this evening!

The children are now deep in discussion with their groups, planning for the egg drop. They are required to 'egg' their eggs on and are practising dances, chants and songs - some of which are a little less than 'eggsellent'. After a close competition our winners were....... The Eggirls....Ellie, Charlotte, Rhea, Amy and Jenna.  Very well done girls!

Tuesday 6th March

9 am:  Following a fantastic breakfast this morning, everyone was ready for their activity.

7.15 pm:  Today has been so hectic we have hardly had time to blog! The children are now involved in some team games with the instructors. Throughout the day, they have continuously made us proud; all of the staff have complimented them on their manners, determination and team spirit.  Well done everyone!

Thank you parents, brothers, sisters and pets for your lovely messages...the children have loved hearing from you.

This evening, we have all been sharing stories on the theme of wetsuits, waking up and water:

Harvey told us of his one man race, when he jumped off the paddle board with his group.....and swam the wrong way!

Sam told us how he 'nudged' Jake's bouyancy aid and Jake, surprisingly, fell in the water.

Jacob has been keeping his roommates, Will and Tom, awake by talking in his sleep...shouting out, "I don't want to swap hair!" and "Please don't take my lollipop!"

Mrs Lawton had to repeatedly shake Megan's leg to wake her this morning.

Michael did have a story involving a wetsuit and a different kind of water, which might not be suitable for our blog, but I'm sure the children will fill you in on their return!

Please take special notice of the photo of Ryan from today.  What song does it look like he's dancing to? Click on the thumbnail of his picture to see what we think!  

See you tomorrow...

Wednesday 7th March

Day three of our residential; we can't believe how quickly the week has gone! Everyone has already experienced and achieved so much.

 The day started with Mrs Bate trying to eat bacon with a spoon; Mrs Lawton was too tired to even comment! 

Mrs Bate was privileged to witness Ruby W, Sam, Larissa, Jake and Imogen climb all the way to the top of the high ropes pole; Grace and Emily both climbed further than they planned,cheered on and encouraged by the rest of the group. It was great to see.

This afternoon, two of our groups went over the Menai Straits to Anglesey, where they were taught the difficult skill of dinghy sailing.  They swiftly became able to turn and change direction in their boats.  The view of the mountains behind the Plas Menai Centre is spectacular. Tasha was hailed best dinghy operator by her instructor today! 

This evening, some children visited the shop and have an array of Plas Menai souvenirs to bring back home.  

Thursday 8th March

Guess what we saw out of our window this morning?  

What an exciting last day we have had.  No one expected to open their blinds to see snow this morning and we have to commend the instructors here, who dug their cars out of roads and came to work with us.  Fortunately, the sun came to our rescue and all activities ran as planned.  This evening, we have enjoyed a final night campfire, toasting marshmallows and being entertained by the children and one of the instructors.

Friday 9th March 

Our last morning of activities; we have all filled up on our last breakfast here and the sun has come out to make today extra special. 




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Scarlett Lawrence S wrote:

Hi Scarlett, looks like your having lots of fun from the look of the pictures and videos. We miss you, it’s far too quiet here without you.
I told Freddie and Alfie that you will miss them and I gave them a kiss from you.
Have lots of fun and enjoy yourself, but try and get some 😴, we know what all you girls are like .Hope we packed everything you needed
Love you lots
Mum & Dad and Jessica , Chloe , Elliemae,Freddie, Alfie, Skye and buddy xxx

Imogen Platt I wrote:

Hi Imogen,

We are so happy to see you having so much fun, Plas Menai looks brilliant enjoy every minute!

Lots of love,
Mummy & Daddy (and Cotton)

Freddie Naylor F wrote:

Hi Freddie looks like you are having great fun fantastic photos and videos,have a great week and have lots of fun and adventures with all your friends.

Love you Mum,Dad and Katie xxxxπŸ˜€.

Charlotte Walker C wrote:

Wow it looks like you are all having an amazing time already! Looking forward to seeing tomorrows photographs! have a fantastic evening and sleep well Charlotte, love you ooooooddddddlllleeeeessss. Mum x

Samuel Palmer S wrote:

Hi Amy, glad you arrived safely. We're all missing you already.
Hope you're having a good time, Sam says "Hi!".
Love you, Mum, Dad and Palmer xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Sam
We’ve loved looking at the photos of you all! It looks great fun! Can’t wait to see more of what you are getting up to!
Enjoy every minute.
Love you loads
Mummy, Daddy, Elmie, Twiggy & Pepper xx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Tom - We enjoyed watching your balancing game. Looks like you are having fun! Can’t wait to see what you get up to tomorrow! Mum, Dad and Willa x

Isabelle Salvin I wrote:

Hi Isabelle
Wow, looks like you’re going to have some fabulous adventures and make some wonderful memories!! Lots of love Mum, Dad & George xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Chloe, Plas Menai looks amazing! We hope you are having a wonderful time! We think we saw you in one of the videos on the blog in the blue canoe and orange helmet. Well done you did so good! We can't wait to see what else you are getting up to. Have a great sleep tonight. We are thinking of you and are missing you lots already. Lots of love from Mummy, Daddy and Ethan xxxxx p.s. Ethan is really missing you, he will be so happy when you come back!

Ellie-May Welch E wrote:

Hi ellie hope your having a fantastic time at menai it looks like you are seeing them pictures...weve seen you won the dance competition well done to you and all the girls in your group....were all missing you loads especially finley,he sends a big sloppy kiss...hope you have an amazing time and make lots of memories with your friends love you loads mum,chris,jack,amber and finley p.s hope your case wasnt too heavy πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ xxxx love you xxxxx

Ryan Iveson R wrote:

Hi Ryan hope your having a good time the photos and videos are great can’t wait to see you on Friday night to hear all about it. Love you from mum and dad Xx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Michael!


The paddle board video looks amazing, we're glad you're having a great time, hope the sea wasn't too cold!

Isaac is a bit better and has been missing you tonight, he wants to play cars when you get back!

Please don't stay up too late messing about and chimping it up......

Love and miss you,

Mum, Mark, James, Isaac, Lenny, Penny, Wyatt, Trish and Keith xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Jacob, watched the video of you trying to balance πŸ˜‚ have a great week with your friends love mum, dad and the walster xxx

Francesca Smyth F wrote:

Hi twins hope you’re having a good time missing u lots looks like your having a good time what have u had for tea.April is missing u Henry and Frankie love you lots from all of us😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

A Parent wrote:

Hi Jenna,
We're so glad you all arrived safely. Brilliant to see you all having fun!!! It feels very strange without you with us in the evening and this morning....Willens is clearly trying to say something to me...I'm wondering if he has been searching the house for you!!!!!
Mum, Andrew, Anya, Willens & Coco Xx

A Parent wrote:

Good morning Imogen,

Hope you had a good night sleep and eat all your breakfast.
Loved watching the raft video, it looks like you all did very well building it and were having lots of fun testing it in the water.
Enjoy today’s adventures!

Love you lots,
Mummy, Daddy & Cotton 🐾 xxxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Eric,
Hope your having fun, looks like you are.
Penelope says hello and she has stolen your bed for the week!!! And your PS4...
Have a great time miss you loads love Mum & Dad.

Gabriella Morelis G wrote:

Hi Gabby
We hope you’re having a fabulous time. Enjoy the adventure and make the most of every day.
We love you lots
Mom and Dad xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Larissa
Hope your having an amazing time!!! You looked like you had lots on fun rafting love the skills!! I’ve loved watching the videos and seeing all the pictures even the boys have been keen to see what your upto πŸ˜‰ looking forward to the next updates glad your all having lots of fun.
Nanny said
Hamish and shamish loved there 1st bath I’ve videoed them for you so you can watch it when you get back 🐒
Continue having lots of fun and I will see you very soon big hugs love Mum Dad Nanny and the boys πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ§œπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ“πŸ€ͺπŸ€—
Ps lots of emojis for you as I know you love sending them!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Harvey W,
We hope you are good
We have been looking through your photographs and videos with interest and the place looks great, with lots of fun activities for you all. We haven’t seen your face pop up yet, but we are sure we will see your beautiful mug on our screen before the week is out. We are all missing having you in the house and can’t wait to see you again on Friday. Enjoy everything you do at Menai 100% and we will keep following your blog. From a very jealous family, Dad, Mum and Charlie W, take care xx.

Henry Davies H wrote:

Hi Henry
Looks like you're having loads of fun and a fantastic time, can't wait to hear all about
it !!!
Enjoy the rest of the week.
Sending you all our love and a big hug.
Love Mum & Paige xxx

Eleanor Asbury E wrote:

Hi Grace, we all miss you but are glad you're having fun . We are happy you're having fun with your friends.
love from
Nelly, Lydia , Daddy , Mummy, Pippa and Rory xxxxx

Mrs Bate wrote:

Hi Jake! It seems ages since I've seen you. I'm so sorry (well, a little bit) for telling your group to push you off the paddle board. Bye for now xx

Ryan Iveson R wrote:

Great pictures ryan even with your funny faces, looks like your having a great time see you soon lots of love mum and dad Xx

William Manaton W wrote:

William Manaton
Hi Will,
Can’t believe Jacob is keeping you awake when you snore so loudly!....poor Tom.
Hope you are having a great time
Mum, Dad , Thomas and Molly xx

Francesca Smyth F wrote:

Half way through your week the house is all ready carry on with the fun grandad πŸ‘΄ says hello and πŸ‘΅

Francesca Smyth F wrote:

Missing uXxxxxxxxxxxxx

Megan Jackson M wrote:

Hi Megan. What a fantastic experience you are all having at Menai. It’s lovely to see your smiley face enjoying all the activities. Poor Mrs L having to drag you out of bed - that did make us laugh! Roisin made me a cuppa and a strawberry & marshmallow kebab covered in chocolate for her hostess badge at Brownies. And, Chester has taken up residence on your bed!! See you on Friday. Love from Mummy, Daddy & Roisin xxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Ruby,

The pictures look fab! Hope your having a great time with all your friends and are having lots of new adventures.

The house is so quiet without you. Enjoy your week - looking forward to seeing you on Friday - lots of kisses being blown your way xxxx

Lol Mummy, Daddy, Lewie and a woof from Hugo xxxxxxxxxx

Ellie-May Welch E wrote:

Well ellie its day 3 and its safe to say the house just isnt the same without you here its far too quiet...hope your having a great time and not staying awake too much chattering at night 😊😊 finley is missing you playing mother hen to him so much epspecially his morning cuddles πŸ€—πŸ€— cant wait to see you friday and hear all about your you loads mum,chris,jack amber and lots of hugs and kisses fin 😚😚😚😚 xxxx

Calum Crofts C wrote:

Natasha Crofts

Hi tashie hope you are enjoying yourself in Menai the pictures and videos look fab and we have seen you on them too. We miss you loads have an amazing last couple of days there we can’t wait to see you Friday to tell us all about your trip.
Lot of love from Mum, Dad, Rhianna & Calum xxxxx

A Parent wrote:

Hi Rebecca
Hope you are having a lovely time, I hear you are filmmaking and we cannot wait to see the result. We are really looking forward to you coming home, missing you lots Mum, Dad, Samantha, Mittens 🐱and Marshmallow 🐭 xxxx

Ellie-May Welch E wrote:

Hi smell
Hipe the weather stays nice for you as its started snowing here again today....looking forward to seeing you tomorrow...have a safe journey home and well see you when you get back.... p.s dont forget to get stuck into as many activities as you can and have no fear 😁😁 love you xxxx

Charlotte Walker C wrote:

Hi All,
Day 4 of your great adventures, I bet you are having so much fun, it certainly looks like it from your blogs.
We had a little blast of snow here this morning but it didn't last long, I hope you escaped it in Menai and are managing to keep warm.

Charlotte - The boys are always fighting (as normal) and I am missing you lots, keep pushing yourself and trying every challenge placed in front of you.
Nana has been checking out the blog too and she says to tell you her and grandad are very proud of you and glad your White Water Rafting skills are coming in handy.

Sending love to you all (and especially Ms Bates, Mrs Lawton & Mr Richardson, you must be all ready to come home by now!) Enjoy your last night and see you tomorrow x

Ellie-May Welch E wrote:

Sorry i forgot to mention can mrs bait and mrs lawton please remind ellie to remember all her belongings as shed forget her head if it wasnt screwed on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ check every part of the room as im sure youll forget something ellie 😁😁 xxxx

Francesca Smyth F wrote:

Hi twins bet you are having a good time had some good food how are you sleeping not saw any photos of you Henry

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