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Date: 11th Feb 2018 @ 10:07am

Our topic is 'Weather" and as part of our topic, I would like children to comment on the weather from wherever they are in the world! It is amazing to see how different the weather can be from one place to another! I wonder what the weather will be like over the next few months?

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Cormac Narey C wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy.I can't see the sun but I hope it will warm up soon.

Cormac Narey C wrote:

Outside it is cloudy but I can see some blue sky. Outside it is very cold.

Scarlett Hutchins S wrote:

Outside the weather is rainy and cold. I would not like the weather to warm up.

Ammara Y wrote:

Today the weather wasn't very nice.It was spitting with rain and it was cold.

Laura-Sophie Arnegger L wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy. You can't see the sun.It's windy because the trees are moving.

Zachary Perkiss Z wrote:

outside it is freezing and rainy I really hope the sun comes out so we can play outside!

Joshua Townsend J wrote:

Today is raining lightly I wish it was sunny

Oliver Witter O wrote:

Outside the rain is pouring down and it looks like snow. theres no sun peaking out.

Jake Livingstone J wrote:

today it was raining and we couldn't play outside.And it was cold and windy

Sophia Taylor S wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy.In the sky there are loads of clouds.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

It is very cloudy and spitting. The puddles and the are going to freeze because it is very cold outside.

Erin Sherlock E wrote:

outside it is cold and windy but most of all rainy we really want to go outside we hope the sun will come out soon :)

Imogen Smith I wrote:

outside is rainy and dark.in the sky i can see gloomy clouds.because the weather is not very nice it tells me i will not be playing out at kids allowed today.

Hollie Booth-Eden H wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy. It is very cold outside.

Imogen Leigh I wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy. Hopefully later on it will be nice and sunny.

Scarlett Jeavons S wrote:

Today it might snow because it was so cold and wet.So we western aloud to play outside for lunch.

Zara Fletcher Z wrote:

The weather today is rainy and windy. I hope I twill warm up soon.

Brodie Adlam B wrote:

it is super windy and rain we but most of all we hope that the sun will come out.

Theo Maydew T wrote:

Outside is very windy and it is very cold.the rain was like a storm.

Pollyanna Cartwright P wrote:

It is freezing outside and it is wet on the floor and windows. There loads of puddles on the ground

Cormac Narey C wrote:

Outside today is raining and is making lots of puddles I want them to go away.

Henry Thompson H wrote:

Today it was raining very slow.It is usually blue but today it was grey

Chloe Randles C wrote:

Outside the weather is cold and rainy. I hope the sun will come out soon.

Benjamin MacDonald B wrote:

Today it was raining and I could not have playtime. I hope it is better tomorrow.

Theo Maydew T wrote:

Outside it was very cold and was very rainy.

Olivia Goode O wrote:

today is windy .i hope it gets better soon .

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

Today it was cloudy with a chance of rain this afternoon.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

It was very wet and rainy this morning, and it was cloudy this afternoon.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

Today the weather was sunny and a little bit windy at Chester Zoo.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

Today on Thursday, the weather was not sunny, it was light air and cloudy.

Miss Wright wrote:

Saturday 24th February, the weather today, as I sit in my kitchen looking out of the window, I can see glorious blue skies with the occasional wispy looking cloud. It must be windy outside as I can see the branches of the trees moving. I wonder if it will stay so beautiful or we will get the snow forecast for next week. What do you think Turquoise? Keep going with the weather reporting! Miss Wright

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

the weather has been very sunny, but it was still cold

Miss Wright wrote:

Here in Newcastle under Lyme it has started to snow! Has anyone got any snow in Weston yet? The temperature is zero degrees Celsius. See you all tomorrow Turquoise.

Cormac Narey C wrote:

We went to Wales and it was sunny but cold and we walked my nana's dog.

Imogen Smith I wrote:

Today it has been snowing and after that it was a bit sunny. It was really cold. The weather cant make its mind up. I do not like it cold because it makes you red and you cant go for a walk or play outside.

Olivia Goode O wrote:

Today it was cold and snowy.

Olivia Goode O wrote:

It was fun playing out in the snow. The sun was shining in the sky but it was still cold.

Olivia Goode O wrote:

On Saturday I saw a big rainbow in the sky.

Miss Wright wrote:

Turquoise class say: It is minus 2 degrees outside because it is really cold but we also looked at a thermometer to record the actual temperature. The snow is falling really fast and the snowflakes were lots of different sizes. You need to wrap up warm because it is cold. The wind was blowing and it was very, very, very cold! Brrrrrr. Imogen says its a snow storm! As we write this a little bit of sun is shining!

Scarlett Hutchins S wrote:

it is very windy and there is still snow on the ground.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

on sattrday in the mornig ther is dark clouds and a bit of snow on the grass.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

on saterday it is windy.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

the trees oar blowing.

Scarlett Jeavons S wrote:

we can hear the leaves whispering to each other

Scarlett Jeavons S wrote:

Today it hasn't been snowing but it was icy cold

Scarlett Jeavons S wrote:

Yesterday it was snowy and really icy and you could slip easily.

Zoe Wood Z wrote:

the leaves are blowing outside.

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