What is the Weather?

Date: 15th Dec 2016 @ 2:33pm

Our topic is 'We are Weather Experts!" As part of our topic, I would like children to comment on the weather from wherever they are in the world! It is amazing to see how different the weather can be from one place to another! I wonder what the weather will be like over the next few months?

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Bailey B wrote:

Wednesday 11th January 2017, the weather today is sunny. The wind is very cold and strong and gusty. The temperature is 7 degrees. There are some clouds in the sky, but in parts there is also some light, clear and blue sky. Summer thinks that the weather tomorrow will be snowing! Oliver thinks the temperature will be very cold and Mrs Edwards thinks it will be snowing and rather icy tomorrow too!

Theo L wrote:

Thursday 12th January, It has been raining today. I hope it snows soon!

Finlay E wrote:

Thursday 12th Januay 2017, the weather today was dark and very cold. So far there has not been any snow today but maybe there will be some later.I think tomorow it will be cold but sunny.

Cassie R wrote:

Hello, it has just started to snow! Crewe, Weston, about 2C, humidity quite high and visibility poor, I am so happy we do not need to drive anywhere in thies weather!Standing by the window and watching the big snowflakes! I hope I am going to make a snowman soon!

Miss Wright wrote:

Well Orange Class, it is snowing here where I live! My car is covered in snow and so is the back garden! However, Mr Robinson hasn't had any snow in Nantwich. I hope it gets to him soon!

Finlay E wrote:

Saturday 14th January 2017, the weather today it was a bit mixed.In the morning it rained, then this afternoon the sun came out but it was still very cold. Tomorow is forecast to be cold with heavy rain.

Ruby M wrote:

When water freezes it turns into ice .

George D wrote:

Monday 16th January 2017. The temperature this morning was 8 degrees. The weather today was cloudy and drizzly. I wish it was snowing and there was ice on the water.
I think it will rain tomorrow.

Lily M wrote:

Outside my house its cold and and cloudy

Finlay E wrote:

Wednesday 18th January 2017, the weather today is cloudy and a bit foggy and tomorow I think it will thick clouds with a bit of rain.

Miss Wright wrote:

Thursday 19th January, today we have had rain, it has been cloudy, it has also been very cold. Orange class think that the weather tomorrow will be windy and a bit rainy.

Finley H wrote:

Friday 20th January 8.30am
When we went to school it was very foggy and when we were at school the sun came out.

Katie P wrote:

Saturday 21 January 10:54

It is cloudy and dry. It is cold. The wind is light.

Katie Perry

Miss Wright wrote:

Can you believe it Orange Class. . . It is snowing where Miss Wright lives! It's very light but it is starting to stick. What is it like in Weston?

Finlay E wrote:

Sunday 22 2017, the weather today was thick and light clouds and with a little bit of light rain.And tomorow I think it will be a bit cloudy and a bit of MIST.

Harvey W wrote:

Today it has been very cold. We haven't had any rain. It is now night time (7:30pm) and the temperature is 3 degrees but it's going to go colder in the night maybe down to -1 degrees

Riley Y wrote:

Monday 23rd January 8am.
It is foggy, cold and frosty. There is frost on my Daddy's van window.

Katie P wrote:

Monday 23rd January

Clear sky. It is dry. It's a bit cold.

Theo L wrote:

Tuesday 24th January 2017. This morning there was frost on the ground, so we had to be careful walking to school.

Finley H wrote:

Tuesday 24th January
When we went to school it was very frosty. At 7pm it is 6 degrees. It isn't cold enough to snow. And when we were at school it all dried up at playtime their was a very big icy bit.
And later that dried up as well.

Finley H wrote:

Wednesday 25th January All day long it was sunny and a tiny bit of wind.

Harvey W wrote:

Wednesday 25th January 7pm.

Today has been very cold again and this morning I had to wear my hat and gloves on the way to school to keep me warm.
The temperature now is 3 degrees.
Tomorrow the weather forecast is cold and sunny

Miss Wright wrote:

Well Harvery, where is this sunshine? I am going to get cold dressed as this cow!

Chanice C wrote:

Sunday 29 January 2017, its a bit cloudy today. The temperature is 4 degrees. It is dry but it might rain later tonight. Tomorrow it will be cloudy with some rain.

Chanice C wrote:

Tuesday 7th February 2017, the weather today was cloudy and when I got home it started rain. The wind wasn't that cold. I wish it would be nice and sunny soon. tomorrow it will be cloudy with the highest of 3 degrees and the lowest of -1.And on Friday it might snow!

Miss Wright wrote:

Well the weather today has been rather mixed. When I was on duty it was lovely and sunny, by the time it got to home time it was heavy rain! I saw a forecast today and the weather towards the end of the week maybe snow! Yes Chanice, you are right it may snow!

Miss Wright wrote:

I woke up this morning Orange Class to snow! Lots of snow. Did you have any snow where you live?

Phoebe T wrote:

12/2/17 today the weather is cloudy with rain and some wind. Yesterday wasvery rainy.

Kian M wrote:

Sunday 12th February 2017.
We had to wear lots of clothes this morning to play football in the garden because it was cold. It was wet outside and my football boots got muddy. Yuck!
Tomorrow it will be sunny, I think.

George D wrote:

Friday 10th of February was cold and windy. When Mummy picked me up it wasn't as dark as usual. I think it will soon be spring.

Olivia B wrote:

The weather today was sunny in the morning but a little bit cold. When it's night I think it's going to be icy.

Calum C wrote:

2017-02-25 17:08 Calum says todays weather on 25 February 2017 is dry in the morning but a 50% chance of rain later, with moderate winds of 16-39 km/h.

In the day it will be 11 Celsius and at night dropping to 7 Celsius.

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