Yellow Class Mountains

Date: 19th Jan 2017 @ 2:03pm

We have learned about different types of mountain and how they are formed.  Can you find some examples of the different types and where they are in the world?  



Fault block



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Jackie B wrote:

I know that the Sierra Nevada Mountains in North America are block mountains.

Sienna B wrote:

I found out that Mount St. Helens in North America is a volcanic mountain.

Gabriella M wrote:

The mount everest is a fold mountain.

Hannah Burt wrote:

Mount Everest ıs ın The Hımalayas mountain range

Mara Briel wrote:

Bear Grills is actually called:Edward Michael Grills. Her sister gave him the nickname Bear when he was 1 week old!!!🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

Lewie Tilley wrote:

The Himalayas is in Nepal in asia.

Hannah B wrote:

I know that the Himalayas is a mountain range and that Mount Everest is in the mountain range and is the tallest mountain in the world!!!

Sienna Barnett wrote:

i think Mount Everest is either a Fold mountain or a Plateu mountain


Hannah B wrote:

I love learnıng about mountains

Maisie Kingham wrote:

I know same its amazing to learn about different types of mountains,mountain ranges and awesome facts :D

Maisie Kingham xx

Sienna B wrote:

i know that the Alps are in europe

Sienna B wrote:

Fun Fact: Did you know that mountains are only classed as mountains if they are at least 2000 ft high and greater than 2 degrees

Sienna B wrote:

I know that Mount Fuggi (i cant spell it) in Japan is a volcanic mountain

Sienna B wrote:

I know that there are 5 types of mountains (as seen above). They are Dome,Plateau,Block,Volcanic and Fold

Anya G wrote:

Mount Fuji is an active volcanic mountain, it is 3,776m high and last erupted on the 16th of December 1707.The Japanese call it Fuji-san and it is 100 kilometers southwest of Tokyo.

Maisie K wrote:

A group of mountain ranges is called a mountain system. For example, the mountain systems of the United States include the Rockies and the Appalachians

Maisie Kingham xoxox

Miss Wright wrote:

Those children who were in Orange class in year 3 with me, you should know lots of things about mountains as we did a whole term on Mighty Mountains!

Ada C wrote:

these are some mountain ranges witch are fold mountains
Himalayan Mountains in Asia
•the Alps in Europe
•the Andes in South America
•the Rockies in North America
•the Urals in Russia

Annabelle C wrote:

Round Mountain is a dome mountain in British Columbia , Canada . Appalachians is a fold mountain in the USA .

Mara B wrote:

The Zugspitze is in Germany and translated it means 'traintop'

Sophie R wrote:

i know that Mount Everest is a fold mountain and it is in the Himalayas and there are also dome mountains, volcanic mountain, plateau mountains, and block mountains.

Molly P wrote:

I know that Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth above sea level and is approximately 29029 feet high. Also it is a fold mountain I think and is not a volcano

Molly xx

Sophie H wrote:

I know that Mount Everest is in the alps and is the highest mountain in the world. To be a mountain the mountain has to be 2000m above the ground //above sea level.

Hannah B wrote:

I know that Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world


Luke S wrote:

I know that Mount Werong is the tallest mountain in the Blue Mountains in Australia and is 3,986 feet or 1,215 meters high.

Jessica C wrote:

Mountains are made from rocks and earth.

Jess x

Oska N wrote:

The Apennine Mountains are mountain ranges and they are in Italy.They are 2912 meters high and the highest peak is called corno grande.There length is 750 miles

Rio L wrote:

I found out that some mountains, instead of just rock, have trees growing on the side.

Sienna Barnett wrote:

Cool,that becausemountains have animals on them and sometimes the earth rises and rain falls down so plants grow

Sienna B wrote:

So many comments. I know that some mountains are formed when magma rises but doesn't erupt


Lewie T wrote:

I found out that Kilimanjaro, which is in Tanzania, is a volcanic mountain.

James L wrote:

I found out Cairngormsis the tallest mountain range in the UK

James L wrote:

I found out that the himilayas is the tallest mountain range

Aaron O wrote:

The Mount Olympus in Cyprus is in the Troodos mountain range in Cyprus

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