Red Class' Sounds

The sounds we have learnt this week are..

m- down Maisie, mountain mountain

a- round the apple and down the leaf

s- slither down the snake 

d- round the dinosaurs bottom, up his tall neck down to his feet

t- down the tower, accrosss the tower

i- down the insects body, dot for the head

n-  down Noddy, over his net 

p- down the pirates plait, round his face

g- round the girls face and dow her plait

o- all the way around the ornage 

c- curl around the caterpillar 

k- down the kangeroo, up his tail, down his leg

u- under the umbrella, down to the puddle

b- down the boot to the heel and around the toe

f- down the flower and across the leaves

e- scoop out the egg

l- down the long leg

h- down to the horse's hooves and over his back

sh- (best buddy sound). The horse says shhh to the snake

Set 1 Sounds (2)

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