Blue 2019 - 2020

Mrs Jones

Mrs Loveland


Welcome to Blue class

We are a Year 4 and 5 class taught by Mrs Jones, Mrs Loveland, Mrs Inskip and Mrs Chadwick. 

This is what we are learning in the Autumn 2019 term:

Maths: This term we will cover the following

At Weston School we follow a mastery approach to learning mathematics. This term children in year 4 and 5 will be working hard to extend understanding of place value and the number system, use compact methods to add, subtract, multiply and divide and calculate the area and perimeter of shapes. The year 5 children will also use graphs and tables. The mastery approach to mathematics expects all children to become fluent in these disciplines. Furthermore, children will be expected to become confident in explaining mathematical reasoning and apply their understanding of calculation to problem solving activities.  

English: We will develop our literacy skills across a range of genres and text types through the use of the following texts :

How to train your dragon by Cressida Cowell, UFO sightings - investigating extra-terrestrial visitors, range of information, instruction and explanation texts, and assorted poetry anthologies.

History - The Romans

Our history focus this term will be on The Romans and we will find out various aspects of the Roman Empire including looking at the local history of Chester. The children will also look in detail at some aspects of the Romanisation of Britain, such as the building of Roman roads and bathhouses. In addition to this, they will have the opportunity to learn about the British resistance of Boudicca and will act in role to look at the events of Boudicca's rebellion from different perspectives. The children will also investigate Hadrian's Wall, examining how, where and why it was built. They will learn about the different features of the wall and use maps to determine its location. A lesson on gods and Roman religion will help the children to understand more about the culture and beliefs of Roman people.

 Geography - 'All around the World'

Our geography focus for this term will be based on 'All around the World.' This  allows the children to take a closer look at where the countries of the world are located, and some of the ways geographers describe locations. Children will learn to locate and describe places using longitude and latitude, and find out about some of the important lines that delineate specific areas of the Earth - the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Poles and the Tropics. Finally, by looking more closely at the lines of longitude, children will develop their understanding of time zones.

 Computing: On-line safety and Scath programming

The children will learn the importance of On-line Safety followed by creating questions and quizzes using Scratch.

Science: Electricity / Scientist and Inventors

Children will learn about what electricity is and how it was discovered. They will identify which appliances use electricity in their homes and how to keep themselves safe. Children will construct
circuits, start to create pictorial circuits and conduct an investigation into how easily different types of switches can break and reconnect a circuit.and test materials ability to conduct electrcity. 


This ‘Scientists and Inventors’ unit will help the children learn about the life and work of Stephen Hawking and his theory on black holes. They will research Libbie Hyman, a zoologist whose work on invertebrates informs much of what we know about the characteristics and classification of these creatures. Children will look at the effects of cholesterol on the heart and blood vessels in the footsteps of Marie Maynard Daly. Next they will learn about Alexander Fleming and his discovery of penicillin. They will look at the evidence for human evolution, and will learn about Mary Leakey and her role in finding significant fossil evidence. Children will explore the circulatory system and find out about the medical, and social, advancements made by Dr Daniel Hale Williams. Finally, children will find out about the life and work of Steve Jobs, and his development of new electronics and technologies.

Art: British Art

The children will learn to use a range of media for making portraits: how to make ‘sensory’ boxes, create abstract ‘cut ups’, tell stories in pictures and write memory postcards to create quality artwork that shows progression in skills. They will also have the opportunity to explore the work of British artists Thomas Gainsborough, Lucian Freud, Howard Hodgkin, Anish Kapoor, Paula Rego and Sonia Boyce.

D&T: Felt Phone Cases

The children will design products with the user in mind thinking about aesthetics and functionality. Annotated designs will be used to communicate ideas as well as step by step plans. Children will learn how to make a paper template and how to sew a running stitch, backstitch, whip stitch and blanket stitch. Finally, when they have made their felt phone case, children will learn how to write a detailed evaluation.

RE: Judaism and Christianity

Children will gain a general overview of the Jewish faith looking at the Jewish home and ceremonies and rituals. In Christianity the class will look at Worship and Christmas.

Music: Mama Mia / Stop

The children's learning is focused around Mama Mia and then Stop which is a rap song about bullying. Children will learn about the inter-related dimensions of music through games, singing and composing.


Maths will usually be set on a Friday to be handed in the following Wednesday. Homework may be computer based (MyMaths) or paper based. Grammar or punctuation will usually be set on a Wednesday to be handed in the following Monday. Presentation expectations are the same as those for classwork.
Please encourage your child to read regularly at home both to themselves and to an adult. Children are also encouraged to regularly access ‘Bug Club’ to help improve comprehension skills.
Times Table Rockstar's is valuable in improving speed and accuracy of multiplication facts. Each week a TTRockstar of the week is chosen and celebrated in assembly. Winners are children who show improvement or great skill in time table recall. 


Indoor lessons for the children will be delivered on a Tuesday and outdoor lessons will take place on a Friday afternoon. This is dependent upon weekly weather conditions.  It is therefore important that in addition to school PE kit (navy shorts and light blue t-shirt), the children have pumps or trainers and a track suit in school AT ALL TIMES so that they are prepared for an  outdoor lesson.

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